associateVICSES Bellarine Unit receives funding from a number of sources including government, grants and public donations. Funds raised may go toward the purchase of new response vehicles or rescue equipment, capital projects such as new buildings, or general day-to-day expenses in running the unit.

Our members spend time throughout the year raising funds - so if you see us dressed in orange at a community event, tin rattling at an intersection, or a VICSES branded donation tin at your local retailer, then please give generously. Some grants that we are eligible for are on a two-for-one basis whereby every dollar we raise from the public is literally three dollars in our hand, so your spare change can go a very long way!

FundraiseVICSES volunteers will be recognisable by their bright orange uniform and have an identification card. Please be aware that VICSES does not solicit for money over the phone.

How to Donate

Whilst there are no charges associated with requesting assistance from VICSES, we do gratefully accept donations.

Please get in contact with us for details on methods of donating such as electronic funds transfer (EFT), cheque, or if you are considering making a bequest.

Online Donations - GiveNow

Tax deductible donations (over $2) can be made online at our GiveNow cause page. Receipts for donations will be provided as soon as your donation is processed.

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